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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tumbleweed Restaurant

Restaurants are the favorite past time when living in Kuwait. I'm always searching for something with a Tex-Mex feel as I love Mexican food and miss it a lot. Tumbleweed restaurant beside Movenpick at Bida roundabout is a pretty good place to eat some Tex-Mex food. When it first opened it was a huge 2 story restaurant but they've cut it in half and added a pastry shop. I guess that's what happens when a new restaurant opens, for the first couple of months it's so crowded then people find other new ones to go to and the business dwindles.

I like this place because there are hardly any people that go to it except for the occasional expats who come there to relax in a quiet setting. You get all you can eat chips and salsa that might fill you up before you get your order. They have really good burritos made 3 or 4 different ways. My mom loves their steak and chicken. You get to choose your sides and it's really good and reasonably priced.

Steak plate.

Chicken Cheyenne

You can choose what sides you want from a list so if you don't like the average veggies they serve at most restaurants you can choose corn bread or twice baked potato.

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  1. Yummmmy!!! Oh I miss TumbleWeed, can you believe I am actually sick of Taco Bell? I ate some Gut Bombs yesterday....Waffle House...cant wait to get home and go to Tumble Weed...


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